Article Marketing Secrets

- September 12, 2016


5 Comments Article Marketing Secrets is something that has been used by internet marketers since the inception of the Dot Com boom. I would hardly call it a secret, as many marketers know and have learned about the power that article marketing, yet still refuse to invest the time and energy into writing articles and submitting them to multiple directories.

Why should every marketer be doing article marketing? Simply because Google’s entire algorithm is based on content; not just any content but relevant content that is maintained, updated and visited frequently. I’m sure that you have heard the phrase,

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Comments (5)

  • Yo, Anyone heard about the Tube Cash Exposure? (do a Google Search) Ive read several excellent stuff about it and my colleague made a considerable amount of cash with it!

    Shekar Kumar - 58 months ago

  • Great information John, helping people who want to get started in online marketing - well done -Cheers from OZ

    topbusinessinternet - 70 months ago

  • There is a misconception w/ "Content Is King". Yes, Content is important BUT, most individuals dont write for the SE, they write for the readers of this site, which is Great. BUT having the correct content means that you must include : Meta Data, Backlinks, Nav. Structure, WebSite Linking Structure, Keyword Density...etc. W/o following proper and well balanced SEO process, Your 'Content Optimization' its a waste of time! & YES!, the real king is Google Inc! ~SEO Guru @

    Chris Sokolowski - 73 months ago

  • nice!

    cubworld - 75 months ago

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