Affiliate Marketing Must know For Beginners. The Real Truth Part#1

- September 12, 2016



Few things you should know if your new to affiliate marketing before you start part 1
Sorry i’m New at posting Videos continue on to Part2 for more information.

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  • i had a feeling there was something else to it other than just clicking that button at the bottom "Become an affiliate" you have to be able to push that product or result and in reality, that would take about 50 websites to accomplish, unless you are a person that has 1 million followers on facebook and instagram, then you could just do it there, but everyone hates ads from facebook, so thats a killer right there

    terrell gregorz - 4 months ago

  • I knew it, you have to pay for domains. I think that's where the scammers make their money.

    Leo Navarrete - 4 months ago

  • thank you for making this video

    Carlos Ortiz - 4 months ago

  • This an all-inclusive package, so much to gain here [Link Here== ]. I now know that all it takes to make it big online is to have a good guide. One who has been there before you.

    William Vargo - 4 months ago

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