Affiliate Marketing For Dummies [IN PLAIN ENGLISH!]

- September 12, 2016



I’ve been in the affiliate marketing game for a while and I constantly get questions from total beginners that want to know things like ‘what is affiliate marketing’, ‘how does affiliate marketing work?’ and of course ‘how can I make money with affiliate marketing?.

Well in this short ‘Affiliate Marketing for Dummies’ guide that I’ve put together I’ll show newbies and total beginners exactly how they can get started and how I make money through affiliate marketing.

This video is part of a newbie crash course that I’ve put together which can be found here:

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  • Get rid of the hat it makes you look gay. Screw you who thinks gay is okay. Your affilated with fudge

    Autumn Hill - 1 days ago

  • They make money selling your email from a email list

    Billy G. - 1 days ago

  • Not good
    Use less

    Nikhil Kakkar - 1 days ago

  • Excellent vid straight to the point. Gotta get what you smoking bro

    Jordan Payn - 2 days ago

  • I am looking for an affiliate marketer to market my product.

    jacquetta linen - 2 days ago

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